A DreamSafe
mattress topper lets you 
benefit from some of the great DreamSafe features using your own mattress

DreamSafe Mattress Toppers

The DreamSafe topper is a breathable mattress topper that also serves as mattress protector / pee pad. The mattress topper is made of an airy material, allowing the child to breathe freely, even if he or she accidentally rolls over onto their stomach and is face down on the mattress topper during the night. The Danish Health Authority recommends that babies/children be placed on their backs to sleep and that the sleeping environment is not too warm. At the same time, the mattress topper can absorb urine, sweat, vomit etc. making sure the fluids don't get into the mattress. The child will stay dry and good if a small accident happens. The mattress itself is protected and the topper is washable at 60°. The moisture is transported away from both the child's body and the mattress. At the same time, a good hygiene is maintained in the bed as dust mites cannot live in the product, which also makes the mattresses extremely suitable for allergy sufferers.

DreamSafe Mattress Toppers come in these sizes

Mattress Topper 40 x 84 cm for cradle
This mattress topper is suitable for cradles size 40 x 84 cm. Perhaps you need an extra topper for when you wash the one that comes with the DreamSafe mattress?
Mattress Topper 30 x 75 cm for carry cot
The Mattress Topper size 30 x 75 cm fits carry cots. If you feel that your child already has a great mattress, add this Topper to your child’s own mattress. This way at least you benefit from the safety features. 
madras og topmadras str. 37x79 cm
Mattress Topper 37 x 79 cm for combi pram

This Mattress Topper is used for combi prams size 37 x 79 cm. 

The Topper helps lead sweat and fluids away from your child when it lies in the pram.  

Mattress Topper 36 x 96 cm for pram

The Mattress Topper size 36 x 96 cm is for prams. 

As the size of prams vary from one country to another we always recommend checking the size of yours before buying. 

Mattress Topper 60 x 120 for cot

The Mattress Topper size 60 x 120 cm is suitable for cot beds. 

When buying the ergonomic DreamSafe Mattress this Topper is included but if your child has another Mattress that you would like to keep then you can have the safety benefits of DreamSafe with this Mattress Topper.


Mattress Topper 70 x 140 for junior bed

Denne topmadras passer til juniorsenge str. 70 x 140 cm. 

Children sleeping in a junior bed still have nightly accidents and especially if you are potty training you may prefer to habve an extra Topper for when you wash the one included with your DreamSafe Mattress.   

Mattress Topper 70 x 160 for junior bed

This Mattress Topper fits junior beds size 70 x 160 cm.

Children sleeping in a junior bed still need a pee pad but they’re old enough to get sad when they wet the bed. As the  DreamSafe Topper absorbes the fluids the bed feels dry. 

Junior beds come in various sizes so we recommend you measure your child’s bed before buying. 

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