DreamSafe is the new mattress concept for you if you want to give your child a little extra. For allergy sufferers and bedwetters, the mattress topper is a must.

Sweet dreams

Help your child to a great sleep by giving it safety, ergonomics and comfort

DreamSafe Mattress incl. Mattress Topper

Firm foam mix
Optimal for the spine
Good hygiene

DreamSafe Mattress Topper

On a DreamSafe mattress topper, your child can breathe freely, even if it rolls to its stomach and drops the face into the mattress. Danish health authorities recommend that children sleep on the back and that you make sure the child is not getting too hot when sleeping. 

The design with the special ventilated sleep technology leads away sweat and other body fluids. At the same time, the mattress is protected with a pee pad in the bottom against bacteria. The fabric at the top is super soft. Together, mattress and topper give your child breathability, comfort and good ergonomics.

Surely you will find that you are also sleeping better when you know your little one sleeps safely and well.



Super ergonomic

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