DreamSafe Mattresses

Help your child sleep to a safe, comfortable and ergonomically correct sleep. 

The DreamSafe mattress includes a mattress topper allowing your child to breathe freely even if by accident it turns during the night. 

The Danish Health Authority recommends that babies/children be placed on their backs to sleep and that the sleeping environment is not too warm. On a DreamSafe mattress topper, your child can breathe freely even if he or she accidentally rolls over onto their stomach and is face down on the mattress topper.

“Ventilated sleep technology” leads sweat and other body fluids away from the child’s body and at the same time protects the mattress. 

A firm foam mix in the mattress relieves the pressure and offers optimum sleeping position without any pressure on the spine so it can relax. 

Special holes and air stream canals make sure the moist can leave the mattress instead of getting caught in it. This secures good hygiene. 

A super soft cover offers your child extra comfort so both you and your baby can sleep safe and well. Sweet dreams!




No-roll-over safety edges on sizes 120, 140 and 160 cm

Anti dust mite

Mattress Topper washable at 60 degrees


Against visible indentation in the mattress

A combination of features for a good night's sleep

Tegnet udsnit af DreamSafe topmadras med piktogrammer for egenskaberne åndbar, absorberende og vandtæt

Breathable and waterproof topper

DreamSafe mattress toppers have amazing features for both safety, hygiene and dry nights for your baby. 

Learn more about DreamSafe mattress toppers here

Tegnet udsnit af DreamSafe madras i små str., som består af to lag memoryskum for god ergonomi og har åndbar effekt med lufthuller

Great hygiene og ergonomics

The DreamSafe mattresses give your child really good sleeping comfort. The design takes into account both comfort and ergonomics, which unfortunately is not always the case in baby mattresses.

They consist of a foam mix. This means that your child’s spine gets the optimal support and that the little darling lies really well.

The mattresses have air holes and ducts, so if possible. moisture can leave the mattress. This means that hygiene is top notch – which is nice when you know your child is going to sleep there.

Tegnet udsnit af DreamSafe madraskerne, som viser god ergonomi og de ekstra no-roll-over sikkerhedskanter

Extra safety if the child rolls over

DreamSafe mattresses for older children (ie for cot and junior bed) have the same good properties in terms of ergonomics and hygiene as the small mattress sizes, but because they are used for children of ages where the child typically moves more at night than the very small ones, the mattresses here have an extra safety feature.

The large mattresses have No-roll-over safety edges, so that children who tend to roll over during the night are helped to stay in the middle of the mattress.

Sådan ser din DreamSafe baby madras ud uden betræk

Good hygiene in your baby's mattress

Small DreamSafe mattresses consist of foam that is firm at  the bottom and has grooves and holes at the top. This provides both good sleeping comfort and good possibilities for ventilating the mattress.

See all sizes of the DreamSafe Mattress incl. Topper

Mattress and Topper for cradle

40 x 84 cm

Mattress and Topper for carrycot

30 x 75 cm
Mattress and Topper for combi pram

37 x 79 cm

Mattress and Topper for

for pram

36 x 96 cm
Mattress and Topper
for cot

60 x 120 cm

Mattress and Topper for

70 x 140 cm junior bed

Mattress and Topper for

70 x 160 cm junior bed

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