DreamSafe products are developed  especially with Safety, Comfort & Hygiene in mind

About DreamSafe

DreamSafe and is a Mattress incl. a breathable Mattress Topper, which also serves as Mattress Protector / Pee pad. The mattress is made of  a special foammix, that gives your baby the ergonomically correct support and the best comfort while the mattress can “breathe” (which is good for hygienic reasons).

The Danish Health Authority recommends that babies/children be placed on their backs to sleep and that the sleeping environment is not too warm. On a DreamSafe mattress topper, your child can breathe freely even if he or she accidentally rolls over onto their stomach during the night and is face down on the mattress topper.

At the same time, the mattress topper can absorbe urin, sweat, vomiting etc. into its core, without it ever reaching the mattress.

The breathable Mattress Topper for optimum Safety and dry nights is highly sought after, and now you can even have it with a nice soft cover and combined with a really good and healthy mattress that lets your baby lie ergonomically correct and comfortably while sleeping. Unfortunately, you do not get that very often within baby’s mattresses. 

Better Sleep

Help your child to stay safe, dry and clean – you’ll probably even sleep a little better yourself knowing you did so.

BabyDan works for Child Safety. This focus on children’s safety builds the basis for the whole DreamSafe line and it becomes even clearer in the big size mattresses (for cot and junior bed). Here the mattress has an extra nice feature: No-Roll-Over Safety Edges in extra firm foam that help your child stay in the middle of the mattress.

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